Hands-On Learning to Restore Smiles & Change Lives

As the number of partial and full edentulous patients continues to grow, the need for comprehensive dental care has never been more important. At Morgan & Lemke Periodontics & Dental Implants, we’re committed to partnering with our colleagues across Northeast Ohio to educate and empower them with the latest surgical and restorative periodontal techniques to deliver excellence in dental implants.

Your Full Arch Solution Strategy

To help build a full arch solution strategy to answer your patients’ dental implant questions and needs, we offer our exclusive Full Arch Academy. A multi-day, hands-on mentorship course — with live, restorative demonstrations — our Full Arch Academy takes you and your staff through the treatment in three phases:

  1. Full Arch Overview – An evening course with you and your staff to review full arch protocols, case presentation and the importance of global fees.
    Earn 2 CEUs
  2. Surgical – A first-hand, individualized view of implant placement in your patient and an opportunity to assist in the conversion of the prosthesis. Also gain a full overview of the upcoming restorative phase.
    Earn 8 CEUs
  3. Restorative – A series of appointments for your patient to deliver the final prosthesis while working comfortably at our office with our team’s support.
    Earn 8 CEUs

CEUs and Reimbursement

There is no tuition to participate in our Full Arch Academy. In fact, you are reimbursed the usual case fee, in addition to earning a total of 18 CEUs. As you are restoring the case under the Academy’s mentorship, the components and laboratory expenses are paid through the global fee.

Attend Morgan & Lemke Periodontics & Dental Implants Full Arch Academy

If you are interested in participating in Morgan & Lemke Periodontics & Dental Implants Full Arch Academy, please Contact Us.

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